Catering to the entire family

It’s not uncommon for certain family members to prefer certain foods. One may be vegetarian, whilst the other may be hostile when it comes to trying anything but poultry.

With this in mind, it can sometimes be difficult to cater for the entire family. This is especially the case if you have a high-powered career to contend with at the same time.

The answer

Finding a solution to this query isn’t difficult and hassle-free dishes such as this chilli con carne recipe can be catered to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with the right ingredients. Simply use a rice cooker to make one batch of rice for all and have two separate pans at hand for the chilli. Use lamb or beef mince for one and a non-meat substitute for the other.

If all parties are happy to dine on the vegetarian version, this comes as even better news as such a dish will take little time to prepare. Some are under the perception that vegetables are boring, this is however far from the case.

Adding spices to a number of vegetable dishes can really bring them to life with the likes of spices like paprika, chilli and cayenne pepper adding warmth to a dish whilst chives, coriander and cumin seeds are more suited to lighter dishes including soups, salads and fish plates.

Vegetarian curries

If you’re keen on pleasing every one in the family, then trying your hand at a few vegetarian curries may be a good idea. There are a selection of recipes to choose from and by combining a number of colourful spices with tasty vegetables, you can create a variety of extremely interesting plates.

Such dishes taste little like your average vegetables and they’re just as tasty as chicken, beef and pork curries. If the curries you intend to make involve using a number of hotter spices, try serving each dish with a side of low fat yogurt. This will cool the mouth down, allowing each diner to enjoy the meal without gasping for water.


Many vegetarians will eat fish. Whether on it’s own or served in a fish curry, this is a healthy addition to a number of meals and is a great add-on to a balanced diet. Fish, especially the oily variants, are full of nutrients and meatier fishes are a great source of Omega 3 so this is a great food to include in your diet wherever possible.