Bigger and better East Lanc’s food festival

The East Lancashire food festival this year is billed as larger and even better than ever, according to the organizers of the annual event.

Organizers are busy adding the last touches to the fifth annual festival that will take place from August 8th to September 18th across the region after pledging will be much larger than in 2009, which was able to receive 45,000 tourists into the East Lancashire area offering the local economy a £1.75m boost.

The Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food and Culture will offer up 60 events in total, out of which ten organized festivities will take place spread out among all ten of the region’s six boroughs.

Some of the most prominent locations will feature a nice mix of food and culture such as the Barrowford’s Pendle Heritage Centre, Ewood Park, and Towneley Hall in Burnley.

Of course, the main focus of the festival will once again be to showcase the region’s amazing culinary heritage.

Head organizer, Jacqui Livesey stated that last year there were 60 events within the 600 square miles of Pennine Lancashire and this year there will be even more to bring people into the area.

The event will start on August 8th with a food show at the Ewood Park presided over by Michelin star chef Nigel Haworth who is the operator of Langho’s Northcote hotel and restaurant.

Howarth will demonstrate many recipes as well as offer activities geared towards children

While tourists have been lured to the area by many restaurants and gastro pubs, this year organizers hope tourists will get a chance to see how much culture and fine foods are located in less popular boroughs.