Behind the scenes at a food festival

Never has there been so many regional food festivals held across the UK as there are this year. As we as a nation have become more educated about fresh, regional produce and started to care about what actually goes into our food, as a result these festivals are springing up everywhere. Not just in the larger cities, but out of town venues, town centres and even villages are pulling together festivals that are packing them in.

We just turn up and enjoy what’s on offer, and have absolutely no idea the work that goes into both organising one of these festivals and ensuring its success. Today’s food festivals are on a huge scale,  with pop up restaurants, cookery demonstrations by renowned celebrity chefs, master classes, tastings and so many more attractions that they often now go on for several days.

Wherever there is food being created and served, there has to be appliances. The cooker or range or whatever the chef uses goes without saying, an industrial fridge is also essential, and the third item no food festival can function without is a dishwasher. Think about it logically; all those meals served, demonstration being delivered and samplings, this isn’t the place for paper plates, and they all need to be spotlessly clean for the next rotation.

Food festivals also have areas that have been taken by the top manufacturers of kitchen appliances with the purpose of demonstrating how well their products work. These are becoming regular sights at food festivals as we all want to know what these products can do in the hands of the professionals. When it comes to dishwashers it also shows us exactly how clean they can get everything and how well they dry them too.

Modern dishwashers are fast, efficient, free you from the kitchen sink and every top chef will sing the praises of the one they use in their restaurants. Also gone are the days when you had to soak cookware to lift off food that had been baked on as the heat and detergents used today clean these effortlessly. If you are interested in a machine suitable for your needs the best idea is to look through online dishwasher reviews before making a decision.

Glasses also come out so clean they sparkle, and while you won’t have an industrial machine in your home, the leading manufacturers produce both commercial and domestic dishwashers that give similar results. Next time you visit your local food festival pop into one of these demonstration areas and see for yourself the results you can achieve by having a top end dishwasher in your household.