Waitrose to expand their food-to-go concept

Waitrose is keen to mark its position in the developing ‘food-to-go’ market and they are going to be rolling out a new store concept across the UK.

The company recently announced that they are going to be opening six of the concept stores in the capital city which will create over 300 jobs. The company is also looking to develop in other major towns across the UK including Birmingham and Ipswich.

The concept is being called ‘little Waitrose’ and it was recently tried out at the company’s store in Kensington. The idea behind the shop is that it provides consumers with what they want to eat in the next day or two, essentially targeting people who do their shopping on a per meal basis.

In the store are numerous items that are targeted towards people who just need something to eat immediately, this includes items such as dairy products, salads, sandwiches and freshly baked bread.

The store development director for Waitrose is Diane Hunter and she has commented, “We find the customers find this new concept great if they have busy lives. Our sales have been strong and we are pleased to announce that we will be rolling out the concept across the UK.”