San Nicasio premium Spanish crisps

A new Spanish premier crisp is set to be launched in the UK by Fayrefield Foods-San Nicasio Patatas Fritas. These crisps are hand made using extra virgin olive oil, potatoes from Catalan and Himalayan pink salt. They are then packed in Andalucia in the Cordoba mountain range, the centre of Spain’s olive growing region.

They are sold in their distinctive pink bags in the best Spanish restaurants, hotels and delicatessens, where they are hugely popular due to their unique texture, taste and high quality ingredients. They were created by chef Rafael del Rosal, a four times winner of the gold medal, and are slow cooked in oil from the first press of olives that were grown in the local groves.

The extra virgin olive oil that he uses has “Priego de Cordoba” as its denomination of origin, and is widely recognised as being one of the worlds best olive oils.
San Nicasio also contains Himalayan pink salt which is rich in minerals and trace elements, its pink colour reflecting its high iron content.

“San Nicasio have won four Gold awards from the Brussels World Selection of Quality in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and are a truly artisan product”, explains Fayrefield Foods’ Mike Coleman.

“San Nicasio is a new concept in potato crisps. It is an authentic delicacy for cosmopolitan consumers who appreciate great taste, natural ingredients, provenance and traditional production methods. It is a gourmet product that uses super premium ingredients and we think will be coveted by the very best delicatessens, hotels and restaurants. San Nicasio is a truly unique product that will enhance social eating and drinking occasions and we can’t wait for UK consumers to get the chance to try them.”

San Nicasio will be available at RSP £3.49 to £3.99 for 190g.