Popcorn is not a healthy fast food

Popcorn is a whole grain compared to deep-fired crisps and is low in fat and calories, therefore many people believe it to by a healthy snack, but at the movie theater it is not. By just eating a large popcorn that is unbuttered you consume the calorie and fat of two McDonalds Big Macs and close to a days worth of salt and if you drink a large, 44 ounce drink, you will be close to reaching your entire days calorie intake level.

A large plain popcorn has 1,100 calories and 60 grams of fat while a large popcorn with butter has 1260 calories and 79 grams of fat. And you would never know since the amounts are not listed.

A survey was performed to see the amount of calories and fats that are served in five different theatres. The surprising outcome for some was the large amount of oil that “plain” popcorn has for example about 11 cups of popcorn has between six and eight teaspoons of oil. The large amount of sodium in the popcorn was not a surprise because it is added at the beginning of the process and some even add it before you eat.

There are more calories, fat and sodium in the popcorn at Cineplex Odeon and Empire Theatres than what they state.  Cineplex saying large plain popcorn has 850 calories, 40 grams of fat and 399 milligrams of sodium why those figures are much lower than what the survey showed. The results and discrepancies at the Empire Theatres were similar as well.

The discrepancies were reported to be human error, sizes served larger than actual sizes, inconsistent methods in preparing the product and with that they said things could improve and Cineplex has plans for a popping salt that is 50% less in sodium and Empire has invested in the popcorn developed process to deliver more consistency.