Lady Gaga pops out to the chippy while in London

Lady Gaga’s affinity for British cuisine must mean something, but no one is at all sure what.  She has been spotted in various fish-and-chips establishments, or at least her entourage has.

Not long ago she stopped her tour bus near the Sea Shell Fish Bar in Marylebone and sent a friend in to grab her order for, presumably, fish and chips.  The bus was too big to park right in front, but Gaga did make an appearance in her usual way-high heels and fishnet tights to boot.

The sensational star also has an affinity for British booze, i.e. Scotch on the rocks.  Gaga does for sure like her whiskey, though, and she’s not the least bit apologetic about it. She’s been quoted as saying, “I drink a lot and I tell the truth about myself.”  Well, she’s also said her favourite food is Italian, so draw your own conclusions.