Twinings tea – a range of healthy options

Everyday it seems that we are being told that something else we love is bad for you, can cause all manner of horrible diseases, or should be removed from our diets altogether. Thankfully, the great British tradition of tea drinking will never disappear as, in a real buck of the trend; we are constantly being reminded of the health benefits of drinking tea.

We all know how good a cuppa makes us feel, and to be told how good it is for us is just an added bonus. Tea is a great provider of flavonoid antioxidants which, along with other antioxidants such as vitamins A and C and Chlorophyll, they keep the cells and tissues in our bodies healthy be effectively ‘mopping up’ the free radicals, the molecules and atoms that have unpaired electrons, hence the name ‘free’.

Although all free radicals are produced by living organisms, they are also found in  the likes of pollution, and while we all need a certain amount of free radicals in our bodies, too many can cause damage to both our cells and our DNA. The flavonoids in tea keep these in check and get rid of the excess, so that is one huge thumbs up for our favourite daily brew!

The herbal and green teas that Twinings offer bring their own separate health benefits, and while the Chinese have long taken green tea for medicinal purposes, we in the West are now cottoning on to these benefits too. These are numerous, but the most important must be the recent research that revealed that green tea actually inhibits cancerous cells, and with the great range from Twinings, you know you really are treating your body like a temple.

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