Twinings Green Tea, The Drink For All Occasions

There is something quintessentially English about taking tea in the afternoon, and whilst this is still a widely undertaken practice, what is in our cups has changed drastically over the past few years. One of the top companies synonymous with English tea is Twinings, and while they still supply the traditional teas such as Earl Grey, they have moved with the times and now produce a vast range of delicious teas to satisfy every palate.

There has been a surge of popularity in Green Tea over the past few years, and you are now as likely to take this as your afternoon cuppa as one of the more traditional blends. Twinings Green tea is delicious, refreshing and are created using only the highest quality and most succulent of green leaves. The health benefits of drinking green tea have long been championed in the far east, and now the British are also enjoying these benefits.

Their infusions of herbs and fruits combined with the floral notes make Twinings green tea a drink to suit any occasion. They are a great source of natural antioxidants, which is turn can protect us and our bodies from the damage that free radicals can cause. Twinings pride themselves on producing teas that are completely free from any additives, so you can rest assured that what is in your cup is completely natural.

Apart from your classic green tea, Twinings offer the discerning tea drinker a whole host of flavours, so you can have a different type of green tea every time you boil the kettle, and these are all natural flavourings. Choose from lemon, jasmine, cranberry, orange and lotus flower, peach and cherry blossom, tangerine and verbena, mango and lychee, apple and pear, pomegranate, pineapple and grapefruit, ginger and blueberry and raspberry.

Twinings have also infused green tea with Earl Grey leaves to make a very English cuppa with a twist, and also offer a decaffeinated green tea. Their special ‘gunpowder’ loose green tea is named after the shapes of the leaves after they have been wrapped as tightly as possible to get the full flavour out of them, and their light and delicate green tea is derived using a steaming method to produce a drink that is both smooth and mellow.

If you have yet to try green tea, or fancy having a cup that has an additional fruit flavour, your first stop should be Twinings, the British experts in tea production.

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