Simon Rimmer to host new food and drink show at the ECHO arena

The ECHO arena will soon feature a new food and drink show which will be hosted by popular chef, Simon Rimmer. The new show will be named Livfooddrink and will be played at the Liverpool Echo Arena and Conference Centre. The organization behind this show is SK events which are responsible for one of the most popular food and drink events in the UK, the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival.

It is expected that the new show will become the new competitor of BBC’s Good Food Show which has been active for over a year. The Livfooddrink will gather some of the most popular chefs, food and drink producers from the region under one roof. Another celebrity that will participate in the Livfooddrink Show will be Simon Rimmer who will be the host of a special programme in which chefs will demonstrate their skills.

The organizers of the event are hoping to attract people from all areas of the UK. Visitors of the event will have the opportunity to taste some of the most popular red and white lines. They’ll also learn interesting information and facts about grape, grape types and origins. Of course, the guests will also have the chance to learn more about spirits, ales, beers, liqueurs, ciders and many other drinks.

Coffee lovers will also find something interesting in the event, because they’ll have a chance to learn more about the most popular coffee brands and some interesting coffee brewing techniques that will be taught by trained baristas.

The producers’ village will be one of the most interesting attractions at the event. Its visitors will observe a rich display of locally grown vegetables and fruits, chutneys, chocolate, pastries, breads, confectionery, seafood, speciality meats and more. The Livfooddrink event will be held on the 5th and 6th of May, 2013.