IFE once again to be held at the ExCeL Arena

From the 17th to the 20th of March 2013, the ExCeL Arena in London will once again play host to IFE, the International Food and Drink Event, the food and drink trade show. A revamped programme and a brand new layout will welcome over 1200 exhibitors.

The event provides the perfect opportunity for buyers from both the UK and abroad to experience an enormous array of innovative food and drink products. Also present for the enjoyment of guests are interactive visitor attractions and on-site live events.

The brand new layout at IFE13, implemented to help enhance visitors’ experience places these almost extra-curricular attractions and shows at the very heart of the event. The Meet-the-Buyer initiative will make a return, and is joined by industry seminars from The Hub, as well as Fresh Ideas, the show’s new product awards scheme. Other original concepts remain in development and are expected to join them at the 2013 show.

New Products Live and Meet the World, located in the showcase area, will keep visitors posted on key consumer trends, and there are also daily cookery demonstrations, designed to help businesses in the food service industry increase profit margins whilst improving their culinary skills. Plans are for these classes to take place in the English Regional Kitchen and The Skillery inside the event centre.

Christopher McCuin, the Event Director for IFE13, said he hoped that the revamping of the exhibition space would mean the event would prove to be an important hub for new product innovations from both established, leading suppliers as well as new ones.

Some big names have already booked space with which to present their products, including Cotsworld Fayre, Rich’s and Plusfood. They will be hoping to take full advantage of the ‘world-class event’ that McCuin believes IFE13 has the potential to be.