Gloucestershire rewards its best food and drink producers

Gloucestershire is known for having some of the best food and drink producers in the UK, and this week was the perfect time to celebrate the many great producers of the area as part of the Echo’s Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Fanning Awards. About fifty of the leading producers descended on the Gloucestershire College campus in order to receive their accolades and continue to encourage local food production.

Principal of Gloucestershire College, Greg Smith, stated that he was quite pleased that the college had decided to sponsor the Young Chef of the Year Award because he felt that it is important for the university to have a role in motivating young people into local work that will help drive the economy in the country upward. He added that as part of this idea the college wants to do everything it can to encourage youngsters to look into careers within the catering and food industries.

Chairman of the National Farmers Union Gloucestershire branch, Charles Mann, stated that the awards are a great way to raise the profile of local food producers out of the Gloucestershire region and stated that it is important to get people interested in the awards so that the businesses receive recognition for the good work they are doing. He explained that it used to be food producers only thought about their products, but now they are thinking about the market in general and what their customers want.

Adding to the fun of the event was a cook-off between Principal Smith and Citizen Editor Ian Mean as the two attempted to see who could make the best omelette.