BrewDog Camden is Launched with Military Tank

When BrewDog named one of their beers Sink the Bismarck, we thought they were a bit controversial – then we realised they served selected bottles in dead animal skins and sent a dwarf to Westminster to protest against drink measurement laws.  Their latest stunt involves driving a tank around Camden to promote their newly opened London bar – brilliant.

Situated nearby the local tube station, BrewDog Camden is one of the coolest stop off points on the way in or out of the area.  Too long have BrewDog venues been confined within Scottish borders but finally the craft beer revolution has invaded the English capital…and they are mechanised.

Rolling a genuine military tank through the streets of Camden was the first advance and behind that, a night of pumping craft beer into BrewDog goblets and serving it up to new ‘recruits’ saw the revolution swiftly secure their first London stronghold.

BrewDog veterans working the bars are highly intelligent when it comes to craft beer and have a passion to match.  That passion stems all the way from the BrewDog Aberdeenshire HQ where founders James Watt and Martin Dickie run the entire operation – from brewing the ale from scratch to enabling followers to buy beer online.

The Camden rendezvous is the first BrewDog bar outside of Scotland and provides a base for further empire expansion.  The launch was a success and BrewDog are expected to seize even more strongholds in the near future, with Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds in their sights.

Contrary to BrewDog’s domineering activity, the philosophy behind the movement is one of peaceful justice for real ale.  BrewDog are aiming to reach a stage where craft beer, whether it is their own or not, recovers its high ranking status above the heavily commercialised lagers of today.

Capturing the hearts and minds of beer lovers across the nation, BrewDog are waging the coolest and tastiest type of warfare there is and they are inviting everybody to join in – this awesome bar in Camden is just the beginning.