A Few Benefits of Drinking Tea

In the UK, we don’t need to be encouraged to drink more tea. However many of us could benefit from varying our cups between our British favourite, breakfast tea, and other types of tea that can help aid our health, performance and overall wellbeing.

Many recent studies into tea have found that different types of tea can be beneficial to different types of ailments and problems, as well as helping to aid healthier living, weight loss and more active lifestyles.

Looking Younger

Yes, you read that right! A recent study has been recently proven a connection between the consumption of white tea and inhibited wrinkle production, as well as strengthening the elastin and collagen in your body. This is due to the high levels of polyphenol present in white tea – enjoy a cup every day for younger looking skin.

Better Eyesight

Forget what you heard, its not carrots that help you see in the dark – its tea. A 2010 study found that the tissue around the eyes, in particular the retina, are positively affected by components found in green tea.

Stronger Bones

A study from 2011 found a correlation between regular consumption of white tea and “younger” acting joints. Another study found that older men and women who drank green tea, had a 30% reduced risk of hip fractures, than older people who refrained from drinking green tea.

Depression and Stress Free

Black tea is known to reduce levels of stress in participants of a recent study. So what are you waiting for, stick the kettle on and enjoy your regular cuppa (it’s still black tea, even when you add milk!)

Lower Blood Pressure

The American Medical Journal recently found that black tea lowers your blood pressure – subjects of the study consumed black tea for six months were found to have a significantly lowered systolic blood pressure – now you know why they provide tea for shock.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Some studies have found that green tea can help to prevent cancer of the; prostate, gastrointestinal tract, lung, breast and skin cancer.

Increased Level of Alertness

Drinking green tea can help to increase levels of concentration, as well as overall feelings of happiness and mood. The presence of amino acid theanine and caffeine are thought to be the active ingredient that improve mood and performance.

Weight Loss

Many different types of tea have been associated with weight loss due to the caffeine content, however green tea seems to have the most measurable effect on weight loss. Studies have shown that green tea drinkers have lower BMI’s than those who don’t drink tea, whilst another study has shown that adding green tea to their normal diet encouraged an average weight loss of 2.9 pounds over a 12 week period.

Now, as if we needed it, we have some more reasons to enjoy our favourite British beverage.

Article by:  Robyn Edwards currently writes for The Tea Makers, specialists in luxury tea and tea ware, visit our online site today to view our full collection of classic and modern teas.