Wensleydale Creamery steps into Waitrose

The Wensleydale Creamery located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park at Hawes, has secured a sales of its Jervaulx blue cheese after signing a contract with Waitrose the supermarket chain. The contract will see the cheese pre-packaged and delivered to 177 Waitrose stores across the nation and to another 176 of the delicatessens at the supermarket.

Jervaulx Blue is the largest investment for the Creamery over the past few years and is one of newest cheeses that have caused some stir in the British cheese market.

Although the name may seem French, the cheese actually takes its names from the Jervaulx Abbey in Yorkshire where Cisterian monks first made Wensleydale cheese in the year 1150.

The blue cheese is targeted to reach the market sector by choosing a continental taste and blending it together with the traditional sharp taste of blue cheese.

The Waitrose contract is just another in a series of successes for Jervalux cheese, which was launched in April of 2010.  At the launch, thousands flocked to the stand at the Dales Festival of Food causing the cheese to sell out.

Managing Director of Wensleydale Creamery David Hartley stated that this is just another win for a cheese that is finding fans among both consumers and retailers.

He continued to say that many people who usually do not enjoy the taste of blue cheese are stating they enjoy the creamy and rich flavour of Jervaulx Blue making him confident that Waitrose customers will enjoy it as well.