Revolutionary spray makes buttering bread a breeze

A company in England is being helped to expand by the use of industrial sprays which are capable of helping in the production of numerous items. The company, Sealpump Engineering are expecting further growth as they have recently acquired a Birmingham-based company producing industrial sprays. The acquired company is called Spray Direct.

The company are now going to be able to deal with spray systems involving the processing and manufacturer of many items including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, steel and automotive parts.

The company were previously a customer of Sealpump and the expansion of the company means it is now going to be involved with the manufacturer of fabric, furniture and paper. They have also stated that they are going to be looking at expanding into international markets in the near future.

In the upcoming weeks the company are going to resume the manufacturer of steel slabs. They are going to be using the industrial spray devices in order to cool the slabs more quickly.

The company have also previously developed their own spray system which was regarded as very innovative and has even drawn attention from the food sector. The company managed to create a spray device for the food market which is capable of spraying butter onto bread at exactly the right thickness.

The spray device heats the butter up to the right temperature and then sprays the butter on the bread, with the thickness of the butter depending on how thick the bread is. This process has dramatically increased the production speeds in the sandwich manufacturing industry.

The director of the company is Stephen Larkin and he has commented, “Despite the challenging economic situation we have managed to perform well in the last few years. We are investing so heavily on expansion because we believe future growth is essential to the company’s survival.

We have 30 years of experience in supplying systems that have been individually designed for customers. This means we have attracted numerous high profile clients including Tata Steel, Siemens and Britvic.”

About the acquisition of Spray Direct Mr Larkin commented, “We were working with the company for many years and the owners of the company were looking to retire and we knew this was a good opportunity for us to take over the company and use it to expand our reach.

This takeover extends range of products significantly and we are now also the only UK company selling spray manufacturing equipment from the German company, Walther Pilot Gmbh.”

The company currently gets about five percent of their revenue from international markets but it is expected that in the near future they are going to be running a significant expansion into other countries. About this Mr Larkin commented, “We intend to grow the international side of our business significantly over the next few years.”

The manager for UK Steel Enterprise is Simon Hamilton and he has commented, “We are very glad to see that this company are expanding their operations and we think they have a very bright future. We are here to support businesses and make any sort of expansion an easier process.”