Professor Splash sets new high diving record

A new world-record has recently been set by Professor Splash, and has been part of a publicity campaign by Trewithen Dairy. Professor Splash is a high dive expert and he has recently broken the world record by jumping from 30 foot into just 12 inches of milk.

Splash has been featured on many television shows around the world for his high dive efforts, this is the first time that he is ever dived into milk though. The dive took place on 8 June and is regarded as one of the most impressive stunts ever conducted by a dairy in the UK.

Thousands flocked to the Royal Cornwall Show Main Ring so they didn’t miss ‘The Milk Man’ – American Darren Taylor, the talent behind Professor Splash. With more than 25 years of professional high diving experience, he has travelled the world breaking world records and entertaining millions. Professor Splash holds eight world records in five countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, and the US) and is considered the greatest stunt diver in the world. He is currently on record in both the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s 2009 Edition.

Trewithen is a pioneering family business and is the third largest direct milk buyer in Cornwall, with direct supplies from 23 local farms. The Royal Cornwall Show has seen the launch of a new Trewithen brand across all of its milk, clotted cream and butter products, and the dairy brought Professor Splash all the way from the US to make sure that no-one missed the fun. A film of the dive is available on More info and imagery is available on a new website ‘splash’ page at and on the dairy’s Facebook page.

As he supped a cup of the white stuff, Professor Splash says, “I’ve been diving into water for over 25 years but I’ve never hurtled into milk before – what a thrill, what a rush! There is a difference in the density of milk so I took this into very serious consideration. It was seriously ‘pow’! And the experience of diving into Cornish milk was amazing. It was all a bit touch and go on the wind front with these crazy storms but there was no way

I was going to let a bit of British weather get in the way of me achieving another world record. I could feel the wind slashing at me as I fell but I just needed to keep my chin up and not look down. My raw diving talent saw me through So yeh, we DID it. We kicked the butt of the wind and diving into Cornish milk was a blast!”

Founder of Trewithen Dairy Bill Clarke said, “Oh my goodness! All I can say is what a guy. He’s an absolute legend. I was petrified for him and of course, everyone was hugely concerned about the wind. But he was determined and totally went for it.

Now we have a joint Trewithen Dairy/Professor Splash world record. Huge thanks to Professor Splash for coming all the way here to make this happen with the milk from our happy, healthy Cornish cows and thanks to the immense effort from the Royal Cornwall Show, and from our Trewithen staffing team, in supporting it all.”

Royal Cornwall Show secretary, Christopher Riddle, is sure Professor Splash’s world record attempt will generate massive interest saying, “This has been a great addition to a main ring programme that was already packed with action. The Royal Cornwall Show was definitely the right time and place for Trewithen Dairy to launch its new brand. It’s been the perfect mixture of business and entertainment – and there’s plenty of both going on at the show.”