Prima Cheese secure major contracts in the Middle East

Prima Cheese Ltd recently upgraded its cheese manufacturing facility and since this time it has managed to secure over £100,000 of new business from the Middle East.

The has established two new contracts, one in Dubai and one in Lebanon, which are each valued at around £50,000.

The business, which is located in County Durham, was established 16 years ago and is known for creating a wide variety of cheeses that are used in many products. Some examples of the products they have created include mozzarella cheese for pizza, burger slices, and various forms of block cheddar.

The company found the business in the Middle East after attending a trade fair in Germany, but this is not the first time that the company has expanded internationally. They currently supply companies in Germany, Malta, France as well as Ireland, in addition to their new clients in the Middle East.

The commercial director at the company is Nagma Ebanks-Beni who was recently commented, “It was only at the beginning of last year that we decided to expand into the international market. We didn’t quite estimate the demand correctly however, and since that time we have been very pleased with how quickly our business has taken off abroad. We have already achieved our targets for sales that we had set for several years down the line.”

Jeff Bean is a trade adviser from the UK Trade & Investment programme and he has commented, “This is the first time that this company went to an international trade festival, and it is remarkable how successful they have been. It just goes to show that a business that is operating solely domestically, can expand its operations internationally without too many obstacles. I would encourage other firms to learn from this and develop their businesses internationally as well.”