New 200 year old Norfolk cheese

Sounding like something out of an over the top buttery TV advert, the newest cheese to hit the shops will be made inside an old windmill, and this Wensleydale-like creamy cheese will be named Norfolk Charm.

The cheese will be and produced at Bircham Mill, which is located between Heacham and Fakenham in Norfolk and will be overseen by cheesemaker Ellie Chalmers, who is currently sat on her first batch of slowly maturing cheese, which is expected to be available for early sampling at the beginning of summer.

Wensleydale was originally produced from sheep’s milk by monks in the area where Ellie has her mill. She says that there is no shortage of sheep in the area as she only has to look out of their windows to see her sheep running around the fields of the farm she has been running with her husband for a decade.

This new cheese is not a new recipe, in fact it is almost 200 years old, matching the age of the windmill, and it has been passed on in the traditional way from one generation to the next.

The recipe however is not actually a local, it originates from an old man in the county of Devon who had previously produced a cheese known as Carolina, but Ellie has opted for a more local name in Norfolk Charm.

The man in Devon had produced the cheese for a long time until he became too unwell to tend to the sheep and produce is popular cheese. Orders for the Greek feta-like cheese are already flooding in simply from word-of-mouth.