Martin Platt from Corrie to cheese maker

Actor Sean Wilson, best known for his portrayal of Martin Platt on Coronation Street, stopped by Burnley in order to let people get the taste of his new career as a cheese maker in Lancashire.

The 45 year old popped up in the market hall at the Hartley stall to serve his customers cheese and discuss his new career.  Wilson stated that it was a natural progression for him even though many people are surprised to learn that he now makes cheese.

He went on to explain that cheese is a passion of his and something that he has always wanted to get involved in, and it is great that he has had the chance to do so.

Wilson left Coronation Street at the end of 2005 after acting for twenty years, and after he tried out working as a Michelin star restaurateur in the Ribble Valley, he decided to try out his dream of making cheese.  According to Wilson, most people do not make real Lancashire cheese as most of it is produced in factories.

He must have a knack given that after only a year as a cheese creator he won a British Cheese Award topping even his own master.

His ability to create excellent cheese may be the result of his close attention to the entire process which means that he is responsible for making the cheese and then selling it via market stalls and shops.

Wilson commented that everyone in Burnley loves his cheese, which is no surprise given that it is handmade and free of additives.