Huge numbers attend International Cheese Awards

The International Cheese Awards are predicted to draw tens of thousands to Britons to a major cheese festival leading many people to wonder when did the British start to become so concerned about what they eat.

In fact, everywhere you look around the festival cheese is the dominant feature with large marquees advertising cheese and the smells of Cheddar, Brie, and Yarg filling the air in a pungent manner that only cheese can.

Slowly but surely judges make their way around to the different booths sampling and smelling each small slice of cheese with the cheese producers looking on anxious for a verbal expression that may offer them a hint to the reception of their product.

The Cheese Awards take place in Nantwich, Cheshire which is supposedly the base of the cheese world with judges looking for balance, texture, and ultimate consistency from the cheese they will ultimately declare a champion.

24 different countries are represented at the Cheese Awards with over 3,000 entrants battling it out for the top honours.

However, due to the fact that Brit’s have recently renewed their kinship with the product, the event was opened to the general public with about 30,000 actually predicted to show up and check out the cheese products on their own as well.

Given the fact that cheese is just a dressing placed on sandwiches and haute cuisine, the attendance predictions are quite astounding, but due to the appearance of television reality chef shows, cheese has a new honour and it is actually quite trendy to be versatile with one’s cheeses.