Foodies flock to Northumberland county show

Food lovers are going to be coming by their thousands to the county show which is taking place in Northumberland today. This is a fair that celebrates food and it has been organised in order to celebrate some of the best producers and suppliers of drink and food in the area.

At the county show there is a special marquee that has been set up to allow the tastings and in this marquee visitors will find over 50 stands selling a huge range of different products. Everything from ice cream to fresh meat is going to be available and all of the products are sure to delight visitors.

One of the major ideas behind the show is that the food is going to have a local focus so that it has only come from the surrounding area. In addition to this there is going to be a strong focus on high-quality food which is going to ensure that many people who are very interested in cooking are going to attend.

There is going to be a real regional flavour to this event and many famous local businesses producing nationally popular products are going to be in attendance. As well as many stands from manufacturers and suppliers, there are also going to be several chefs running demonstrations throughout the day from local restaurants.

One of these chefs is Jo Hampson who is famous for her smoked food in the local area and she is going to be demonstrating how she creates her famous trout pate and aubergine dip. As well as demonstrating cooking some food she is also going to be giving out tasting samples of some of her best products including smoked cheese, smoked salmon and even smoked olives.

The event has been put together by The Journal and a columnist from this publication, Jane Lovett is going to be at the event promoting a new cookery book which is titled, Make It Easy.