Delamere Dairy best farming business in the United Kingdom

A dairy based in Knutsford has recently been named the best farming business in the United Kingdom. The dairy is based at Yew tree farm and is called Delamere Dairy. The award ceremony that gave the dairy this recognition was held at the House of Commons and is designed to applaud those who are achieving most in the UK farming industry.

Roger and Liz Sutton founded the company more than a quarter of a century ago and it is located in the heart of Cheshire. Their first farm product was goats milk, but today they’ve moved on to a much wider variety of products, although they still stay close to their roots by selling their original milk The dairy has expanded to such an extent that it is now shipping to the Far East and other international locations.

In a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper Mrs Sutton commented, “It is such an honour to have received this award, especially as we don’t enter that many competitions, this is just one that carries such high prestige in the farming industry that we felt we could not ignore the opportunity to compete. We didn’t realise that we had been entered into the main prize category and it was quite a shock to win as we only expected to be entered into the marketing category.”

The team responsible for deciding who should win the award said that the dairy was a wonderful example of a company that had capitalised on a niche market. The panel commented, “The dairy moved from a small goat farming establishment to become a company with a wide range of products and a strong brand. Its excellent packaging has made it appealing to overseas as well as domestic markets and is an exemplary example of successful farming in the United Kingdom.”