Cheese wedding cake anyone?

The multi tiered and elaborately decorated fruit cake is the traditional feature of a wedding celebration, and has been for decades. Now, however, those in the industry are reporting a burgeoning trend for an altogether different type of wedding cake, one that is entirely made from cheese.

Hundreds of wedding albums are graces with photos of a happy couple, posing and smiling while cutting into the towering wedding cake covered in rich icing. More couples now than ever are, however, opting for a completely new meaning to the phrase cheese cake by having whole cheeses stacked on top of each other to create a wedding cake with a difference.

This kind of cake is relatively new with the first cheese wedding cakes selling back in 2004 but now, the British Cheese Board have said that there has been a steady and growing demand for a cheesy centrepiece, with many couples opting for the savoury option over the sweet. Cake experts are saying they aren’t surprised by this trend as have pointed out there are several bonuses from having a wedding cake made from cheese.

The British Cheese Board’s secretary, Nigel White, has said that cheese wedding cakes offer a cost effective, novel and delicious alternative to those traditional sponge or fruit cakes which are note everybody’s cup of tea. Even though the cheese centrepiece will cost roughly the same as its fruit counterpart it is cost effective in that if you cut the cake immediately following the wedding breakfast it can then be served up for the cheese course.

The different colours of cheese available means that you can tailor make the cake to fit in with your colour scheme and at the same time add to the décor. Popular choices are the brightly coloured and nutty Red Leicester, the white and green Cornish Yarg that is nettle wrapped, the Blacksticks Blue which is speckles and the perfect choice for a wedding day, Godminster Cheddar which comes in heart shaped red wax.