Cheddar cheese sales on the up and up

Cheese may not seem like a big industry, or a large part of the yearly grocery budget, but Cheddar is making some interesting sales. As one of the largest producer of cheese and other dairy products, the company has seen an increased turnover rate over the past years, and now sees a £15.1 million annual turnover, as opposed to the £14.4 million from last year.

Cheddar has seen its position increase in the country and all around the EU, and according to research firm Ditcheat, they see the future as bright for the company. The recorded turnover is £71 million for the year ending in March 2012, and in its annual report, the company saw the volume of products made increase. While their profits did not go up, because of this positive outlook, most analyst firms see Cheddar as an up and coming brand.

AJ & RG Barber Ltd, the company behind the brand, made a lot of investments recently in making sure the products that they deliver answer the demand that they get from both store owners and consumers, making this their priority for the coming year. This is part of the reason why profits did not go up, even if sales did.

The Barber family has been in the business for a long time, and started making cheese products in 1833, thanks to their Vintage Reserve Cheddar. The majority of milk products that they use come from local farmers, mostly third party vendors who sell the source ingredients to the company.

According to a Director’s report, it seems like the executives think the outlook is great as well for the company. They point to their premium products such as West Country Cheddar, and the strong demand there is for it. They also say current levels of profitability should be be maintained in the near future.