Cheddar accounts for more that 50% of cheese sales in the UK

It is well known the Cheddar is a very popular cheese, but some people might be surprised to learn that over half the cheese sold in the UK is actually cheddar. This information has come out from the British Cheese Board and they’ve also recently announced a competition in order to celebrate cheese. They have said that they are going to be encouraging people to compose lyrics to the tune of the national anthem in order to celebrate cheddar cheese.

Nigel White is the secretary of the BCB and he has commented, “We think that cheddar cheese is a national treasure and it seems only appropriate that if people are composing a tune to celebrate this fantastic cheese that it is done alongside the national anthem. There are two other tracks that can be used for entry into the competition which are equally patriotic, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory.”

The cheesemaker, Alex James, is also a musician perhaps known for performing in the rock band Blur. He has commented, “There are over 700 cheeses in the UK and it is remarkable to think that one cheese makes up for half of the country sales. This just goes to show what a popular cheese cheddar is and how important it is to our nation.”

Who writes the best song is going to be judged by a panel of experts from the BCB and there is also going to be an element of public voting involved. It is estimated that the competition will run until late July, when an overall winner will be chosen.

Mr James continued, “I think this is a very important time for people to support our economy by buying British, and you don’t really get more British than cheddar cheese. This competition is a great way to support the cheese industry in the UK and I think it is going to be a lot of fun for all those entering the competition as well as those judging it.”