Brits now win gold medals for cheese

Gold medals are not just limited to the Olympic Games and a couple from the UK have recently won two gold medals for the cheese that they have created. Derek and Erica Barton operate a farm in Lyneham and they have recently been recognised at the Global Cheese Awards, for the incredible cheese that they are producing at their dairy.

The couple have been making wonderful goats cheese for over 10 years, and Erica has recently stated, “One of the reasons that are cheese is so popular is because we only use the freshest of ingredients.

We use milk that is sourced straight from the animal, and we have our own goats to produce less milk. As soon as the goods have been milked we immediately move the milk into the cheesemaking process, usually within an hour. This means that everything is very fresh, and surprisingly this helps make a particularly good aged cheese.”

The couple have also said that they don’t do any pasteurising, which is known for altering the flavour in some cheeses, and this is very popular in one of the most famous European countries for cheese, France. Erica continued, “It’s delightful that we have been recognised with these awards because we are very passionate about creating cheese.”

The couple first bought goats over 20 years ago, and since then they have been running a dairy, but only moved into cheese production in the last decade. Currently, they are working on improving the number of aged cheeses that they produce, which is really going to expand their market significantly.

Erica concluded, “Making the cheese from the freshest goats milk, really allows you to taste the different flavour that you get from this animal. The appearance is different, the taste is extraordinary, and we are delighted that people enjoy this cheese just as much as we do.”