British Cheese Board’s top award

The British Cheese Board has given Christine Ashby with its most valued award this year at the Bath & West Cheese Industry Award show.

The award, which is given out on an annual basis, recognizes those that have made notable contributions to the UK cheese industry in terms of marketing, production, training, and research.

It was presented to Chris for her work with AB Cheesemaking and her long career that has involved her with the delivery of courses to the next group of British cheesemakers, of which she was the developer.

Secretary of the British Cheese Board, Nigel White, stated that Chris’s contribution to the cheese market has spread across a long career and has been very large in size both within the UK borders and overseas.

White continued to say that she has worked along with her colleagues to carve out a whole in the market in which to offer cheese training courses that have helped develop the next generation of cheesemakers.

White also stated that Chris’s work is significant given that she combines art and science when creating her cheeses, which are the qualities that make her an excellent teacher.  This is also the reason that many of her students themselves have created award winning cheese.

Chris stated that she is proud to have won the Industry Award given it’s a great testament to her work and something that she can be proud of.  She continued to state that she still has plenty to learn and is glad that she has found a career that she is so passionate about.