Blue Stilton the cheese junkie’s cheese

Blue Stilton is one of the most flavourful cheeses you can experience.  Use it in almost any recipe or add it to salads as a treat.  It is best enjoyed at room temperature, so you will want to remove it from the refrigerator with plenty of time to warm up before serving.  You can also find special Blue Stilton cheese recipes on the Internet.

Blue Stilton is a fine cheese to serve to guests as part of a cheese platter, salad, or soup topping.  Blue Stilton is generally crumbled to serve atop green salads, fruit salads, or on a variety of soup servings.  Blue Stilton cheeses can also be presented on a cheese platter, where it goes very well with plum loaf or crackers.

Unlike many other cheeses, Blue Stilton does well with freezing.  It can sit in the freezer as long as three months, given that it is thoroughly wrapped in plastic or foil.  It should be covered in several layers.  To defrost, simply remove the cheese from the refrigerator and let it warm to room temperature prior to serving.

Sweet wines go best in combination with Blue Stilton cheese, although a good port or hearty red is bold enough to accompany this flavourful cheese, as well.

Blue Stilton cheese melts well, so it goes great in hot sandwiches or atop pasta and pizza.  Blue Stilton can be used in dip recipes and is a great companion to raw vegetables like broccoli, and carrots. Nestle Blue Stilton cheese between two pieces of rye bread and garnish with lettuce, tomato, and raw onion and you have the perfect cheese sandwich.