Put Pork on Your Fork

A promotional campaign for British pork has recently entered another phase and is part of the campaign where people are being urged to eat until they are happy. The overall campaign is known as ‘Put Pork on Your Fork’ and is being run by the Vion Food Group. The campaign has received a lot of endorsements, one of the most notable of which is from Nadia Sawalha, who was a previous winner of Celebrity Masterchef.

The campaign is promoting pork as a food that is capable of enhancing people’s mood and also as a very versatile meat product. The campaign is going to involve digital marketing and media relations as well as implementation in social media, and this it is hoped will inspire consumers and inform them about the benefits of pork.

The ambassador of the campaign is Jimmy Doherty who was stated, “In the UK we certainly do enjoy pork but many of us have come to cook it in rather boring ways. Generally we are overcooking the meat and overlooking it as an ingredient. Many cuts of pork are healthy and nutritious for us and we are hoping that this campaign will bring a greater amount of education about the meat to the British public.”

Melody Chapman is the sales and marketing director for Vion and she is stated, “We are one of the leading pork processors in the UK and we have a very important role in promoting the meat to consumers. We’re hoping that this campaign will highlight to people how they can incorporate pork into their diet. We want to broaden the experience people have with the meat and try different cuts of pork.”