Pork is the meat of choice for many families

If you’ve heard the cry, “Let them eat pork!” it’s not surprising.  More Britons served pork roasts over the Christmas holidays than during the same period last year, and the trend seems to be continuing.  According to market reports, pork is experiencing a surge in popularity for several reasons, and price is just one of them.

According to sales figures from Cranswick, suppliers for the Jamie Oliver brand, Tesco and Sainbury’s, bacon and other pork products have surpassed the pricier lamb and beef choices to the tune of a ten percent jump in sales in the last three months of 2011.  Sales had been on the rise all year, with an eight percent increase in the quarter from September 30th and five percent in the months before that.

Certainly part of the rise in sales results from cost-cutting by consumers, but part can be attributed to the promotions instigated by the pork industry, i.e. Jamie Oliver’s ‘Save Our Bacon’ campaign and celebrity chefs offering new perspectives on pork dishes.  There is also medical research that suggests pork may be better for you than the other red meats/protein sources, an idea that is endearing to the health conscious among us.

Not only Cranswick but Morrisons too saw sales of pork rise dramatically, up 60% during the holidays.  You’ll also find Starbucks and Greggs offering bacon butties, with other fast food chains already on the pork wagon or soon to jump aboard.  Forecasters are predicting that pork will continue to gain in popularity as UK production has stabilised and rising feed costs are balanced by increased productivity.