Cheese is the new wedding cake of choice

Wedding cakes just ain’t what they used to be.  It seems that British newly-weds are turning more and more to tiers of cheese rather than tiers of flour and eggs and sugar.  One can have a wedding cake made up of a large variety of made-in-Britain cheeses, with all the accompanying flourishes and decorations of the traditional cake, and without pesticide-infused wheat or battery-generated eggs.

Teddington Cheese, the U.K.’s favourite supplier of custom cheese cakes, has introduced a new offering of wedding cakes made entirely from cheeses that are locally produced in areas from northern Scotland to Sussex.  Tony Chuck, the man behind Teddington Cheese, says that many couples choose a cheese just because they have fond memories of the region it came from.

Cheese wedding cakes are a big attraction for environmentally minded couples, not to mention      fromage aficionados.   Vegetarians can choose from around 40 varieties of cheeses made with organic vegetable rennet, according to Mr. Chuck.  He also encourages customers to visit the site for a free consultation and cheese-tasting.  The Royal couple have not ordered a cheese cake for the wedding, but perhaps at some future Royal birthday party the cake will be fromage instead of chocolate.