Alcohol free beer

St Peter’s Without Alcohol-Free Beer Becomes UK’s First Alcohol-Free Success

Following its launch in early August, St Peter’s Without® Alcohol-Free Beer has quickly made a name for itself with foreign buyers, securing deals with over 15 different countries.

Since the end of August the craft brewery based in Suffolk has been busy shipping out cases of Without® to Canada, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, France and Mexico, among others, fulfilling the demand for something new and delicious in the low/alcohol-free beer sector.

“The demand for Without® among foreign buyers has been intense from the outset,” reveals Steve Magnall, CEO at St Peter’s Brewery.

“We knew when we launched that Europe and beyond were crying out for a high-quality and full-bodied alcohol-free beer as existing beers in this category are dealcoholised lagers and quite ‘thin’. We felt strongly that Without® could be the answer. It seems clear already that it is,” he adds.

St Peter’s Brewery spent three years developing Without® – an alcohol-free beer that is comparable to a normal pint – to ensure that consumers finally have a choice. “Without® is a great beer. It is rich, full-bodied and malty and the feedback we’ve been getting has been fantastic,” continues Steve. “We hope to grow our export sales for this product and see Without® stocked in countries all over the world.”