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New Order DJ opens Cork of the North wine bar in Sale

COTN Opening 18-3-16-170

A lifelong Sale resident and warm-up man for seminal Manchester band New Order has opened the town’s first wine bar.

Marc Hough, 45, is the owner of Cork of the North, a wine bar and shop located on Northenden Road in Sale.

Marc is already an established name in the wine industry having spent the past three years running his own merchant business, sourcing fantastic wines from

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Wine Tasting Experience Review

This review was submitted by Peter Wright, who wanted to share his experience of a wine tasting day for anyone who has thought about going to one, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Arriving at Vinopolis in London’s Bankside, beside Borough Market and Shakespeare’s Globe, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a wine tasting experience. Only that I would be tasting wine and

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British winemaker sees increase in profits

Emma Sinclair, A British winemaker who has seen an increase in profits, wonders how much of this is contributed by demand, the growing UK female client base, and unreliable weather.

When wondering around the off-license, it is hard to imagine vineyards in the countryside of the country. The weather here is very cold and wet. Although the British always have the weather on their lips, there

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English wine wins major award

When an English wine wins an award from true connoisseurs it’s certainly worth a mention, but when a red wine made near Stourbridge in the Midlands wins a Silver Medal in competition with 14,392 other wines from 52 countries, it’s worth a rousing toast.

Halfpenny Greens Vineyards is the site of an unexpected achievement, and luck as well as determination and considerable experience all played their

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Kensington Olympia to host international wine fair in 2014

It has been announced that the London International Wine Fair is set to return to Kensington Olympia next year, and will come with cheaper rates in a move the organisers hope will attract back the exhibitors who have turned their backs on the event in recent years.

The fair used to be held at Olympia but in 2002 move to the Excel in East London as

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Wine labelling confusing for consumers

In these austere times, with more of us than ever choosing to stay in and share a bottle of wine rather than venture out, wine sales on the whole are booming, especially for English wines. These small wineries are certainly holding their own in a fiercely competitive market, with many awards coming their way and even receiving a nod of recognition from our neighbours across

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