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Invopak hoping to cash in on Ice Cream expo

The largest supplier of rigid packaging containers, Invopak, is set to join the 2013 Ice Cream expo. There, the company expects to be able to showcase its wide range of food tubs and buckets to the largest audience in the industry. The expo is put on every year by the Ice Cream Alliance and is meant to bring manufacturers and suppliers together to discuss the

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Celebrating A World Of Food At Christmas

The traditional Christmas dinner dominates the festive season with everyone rushing to prepare the turkey, get the stuffing, smother the potatoes in duck fat and decide on the perfect dessert. Yet, there is a whole world of food available.

If you are looking for a few extra dishes to spice up the dinner table and add an international flavour to your Christmas dinner it is always

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Heston Christmas products

Christmas is all about spending money on lavish and luxury goods that will help you and your family’s festive season be an enjoyable and memorable one. If you are planning what products you are going to buy to make this Christmas extra special, then look no further then Heston Blumenthal’s exclusive range of gourmet food that has been nurtured by Waitrose’s exceptional quality – a

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Getting involved in food!

What could be more essential to life than food and drink? Eating and drinking are done out of necessity and for fun. They are social activities; a great way to meet new people and forge new relationships is to bond over dinner or wine at one of the country’s thousands of eating and drinking establishments.

Cooking and creating dishes is also becoming much more than a

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Everything you ever wanted to know about hampers

When we think of a hamper, an image that may pop into our minds is one of a wicker basket full of all kinds of special food and drink that may have traditionally been passed to friends and family at Christmas time.

However, there’s much more to the story of the humble hamper than meets the eye. They can be dated back to over 1000 years

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Six of the best British farmers’ markets

For local specialities, fresh food delights and homemade treats nothing can beat a British farmers’ market. With so many quality British farmers’ markets available choosing the best can never be easy, so it is probably safer to say: here are six you should not miss. Do continue to keep your eyes peeled for the hundreds of other opportunities to get stuck into premium local produce

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