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Extra helpings of cocoa for National Chocolate Week served by York

A taste of York s Sweet Story - a platter of chocolates

There’s only one place for chocoholics this week and that’s York, birthplace of the KitKat, Smarties and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and Britain’s home of chocolate.

During National Chocolate Week (13-19 October), this already sweet city will be in chocolate overdrive enabling visitors to eat, drink, make and learn about more chocolate than ever, as well as offering calorie-free opportunities to breathe, walk – and even wash

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Yorkshire Family’s Ice Cream Cool Flavours Win Awards

Yorkshire Family’s Ice Cream Cool Flavours Win Awards

A real success story is the family business Yummy Yorkshire a company that provides locally sourced food. They are continuing to grow in the heady world of ice cream, along the way picking up an ever increasing number of awards

Louise and Jeremy Holmes run the family business out of their Pennines dairy farm. So far they have

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Successful Ian Taylor is Fodder Top Seller with his Free Range Eggs

Ian Taylor Free Range Eggs

Ian Taylor is ready to celebrate amazing success with his free range eggs that were part of his awarding-winning shop at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate at it’s opening nearly 5 years earlier.

In turn, Fodder has given a huge boost to Ian’s business, which began when he was a teenager selling eggs from his bicycle, becoming his biggest customer.

Later this month, Fodder’s sales are

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Get a real taste of West Yorkshire on the 26th June

Get a real taste of West Yorkshire on the 26th June

You have been cordially invited by Yorkshire Food Finder on Wednesday 26th June to join them on a fantastic bespoke food trail. This will take you on an amazing journey during which you will discover some of the leading food producers from West Yorkshire.

The trail will begin at The Spiced Pear, the newly launched

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Cheese wedding cake anyone?

The multi tiered and elaborately decorated fruit cake is the traditional feature of a wedding celebration, and has been for decades. Now, however, those in the industry are reporting a burgeoning trend for an altogether different type of wedding cake, one that is entirely made from cheese.

Hundreds of wedding albums are graces with photos of a happy couple, posing and smiling while cutting into the

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Comté shouldn’t just be kept for a cheese board

Comte Cheese

Comté cheese, which originates from from the Massif du Jura, is best known as the cheese that gives you an encounter with multiple and complex flavours every time you take a bite. In total there are 83 natural flavours with are grouped into 6 aromatic and distinct families; fruit, milk, plant, animal, spice and roasted. All this means that you will have no

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